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For Writers: Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

How many times have you stared at your computer, wondering what to type next? Maybe you just finished a manuscript or perhaps you're in the middle of one, but you just get stuck. It happens to all of us, I promise.

I decided to put together a few tips, tricks, photos, etc., to help spark that writer brain into creating something amazing. Or horrible. Either way, you're writing and that's what's important.


If you need a little inspiration, browse through these photos for something that sticks out, something you can write on, something that will job your memory of that scene you've been wanting to write. Anything! Pictures are worth a thousand words, so what better way to help you write them? Use them as writing prompts, use them as visuals for a story idea, use them to create a plot twist! However you use/view them, you're using them to push forward in your writing.



A lot of people make music playlists that they listen to while they're writing. I have to admit, there are certain songs that, when I hear them, I start mentally writing scenes or seeing them in my head. Playlists will be different for everyone based on what you're writing, etc. Try listening to some songs, browsing other writers' playlists, and start making your own! Whether it's Classical, Pop, Rock, etc., listen to what makes your writing flow.

Here are some songs that get me into my fantasy writing world:

King by Saint Phnx

I Know Places by Taylor Swift

Crystallize by Lindsey Stirling

Hallelujah by The Pentatonix

Come Away to the Water by Maroon 5

Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift

The One That Got Away by The Civil Wars

Wings by Birdy

Here is a playlist made by Buzzfeed for writers, featuring Soundtrack music, Classical, Instrumental, and music with lyrics.


I really enjoy making aesthetics for my manuscript and I participate in the Twitter hashtag #ThursdayAestheitc pretty much every week. It's awesome seeing other writers post about their work and get a visual for what they're writing and seeing. Making my own has helped me shape some characters, flush out scenes, and so many other great writer things. You should try it yourself, or at least look at what others are doing. Like I said earlier, pictures are worth a thousand words.

I use picture sites like Pixabay and WeHeartIt and make a collage using BeFunky.

The theme was "All the Feels"; to make an aesthetic for a scene, etc. that gave you all the feels.

The theme was "Journey"; to make an aesthetic for a journey of one of your characters.

The theme was "Choose Your Own Adventure"; it could be anything about your WIP, mood board.

More Ideas

If you're still having writer's block or just don't know where to go: NEVER FEAR!

Here are some more tips and tricks to help get that creative juice flowing:

Free Write: write about anything and everything. Could be journaling, could be train of thought. As long as you're writing, you're making progress.

Find Writing Prompts: I have some writing prompt sites listed in my For Writers section. Here is another good site for prompts. And a simple google, Twitter search, or Pinterest search can help you find some more!

What are some of the things you do to help you get into that writing spirit?


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