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Manuscript Wish List

Currently closed to unsolicited queries!
Check back for when I plan to reopen.

Upcoming Conferences

Middle Grade

  • Fantasy (all types)

  • Historical Fantasy/Alternate History

  • Spooky/Paranormal

  • Mystery

  • Adventure stories (quests, heists!)

  • Retellings (myth, folklore, legends, fairytales)

  • Friendship stories (the strength of friendship, friendship break ups!)

Young Adult

  • Diverse Fantasy (especially drawing on underrepresented voices/myths/worlds/places/etc)

  • Historical Fiction/Fantasy/Alternate History

  • Paranormal

  • Spies/Heists (Totally Spies (the cartoon) and Ally Carter!)

  • Gothic/Horror (more suspense, less gore)

  • Retellings (myth, folklore, legends, fairytales)

  • Rom-Coms (emphasis on the comedy!)


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