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Life With GIFs

As I was trying to figure out what the heck to write about, I began thinking about my day as a whole.

Am I the only one who goes through the same day on repeat? I can't be! So the idea of my day in GIFs became reality. My whole day is basically made up of me being a real life GIF. I'm basically a walking meme in today's world. So, if you've ever wondered what it's like to be someone else for a day, I present to you: My Life as GIFs.


This is literally what I look like of a morning. Hair and all, I swear. Don't ask my sister for the picture I sent her when I woke up one morning while in college. It may ruin whatever false images you had of me. I'm not like your normal Disney princess. I'm Ana, and waking up is hard and gross.

Dressed to Impress

Now, I'm up and ready within thirty minutes because I actually can't make myself get up earlier than that for work. Seriously, I sit at my desk, in my office, with the door shut pretty much all day. I have no one to impress. Half the time I don't even brush my hair? But does anyone know? Besides whoever is reading this, nope.

Driving, Road Rage, etc.

Now, this is actual footage of me driving to work. Pretty much me driving at any time, but especially in the mornings. I'm under the distinct impression that people actually can't drive and showcase their lack of skills on their way to work of a morning. I raise my hands in annoyance and disgust at least three times on my way to work. It only takes me twenty minutes to get there. Imagine me with a longer commute!

Locked Out

Now, I'm finally at work. And maybe even fifteen minutes early! But, does anyone care? No. Because I can't get in the building to show off my awesome time management skills. Why, you ask? Because I don't have a key to said building. Even though I'm supposed to be there before the office even opens. But, it's fine. Just see me banging on the door to get in even though no one is there to answer my pleas for help.

I'm Ready

I've finally gotten myself into said office, clocked in, and shut myself into my work corner. I crack my knuckles and get down to business. I mean, I'm typing, I'm e-mailing, I'm creating works of art! I answer the, maybe, one phone call I get a day. I post to all our social media accounts. Call me butter, because I am on a roll, lady and gentlemen.

What Work?

And just like that, I've finished all the work I laid out for myself today because no one tells me to do literally anything. Which is fine, in theory. Most of the time I come up with other things to do, some productive for my job and others not so much. But that's okay! Right?

Lunch time!

Before I know it, by golly it's time for lunch. And I started taking shorter lunched so I could go home even earlier. Perks of being part-time I guess. I stuff my face, read a book, and faster than I think is actually possible, I have to go back to work...

Round Two!

Now, I hit my second round of really working hard. I find some stuff to do that I might have been saving for the next day, or just came up with on the top of my head. Either way, I'm working and, for the first time in hours, I don't feel like crying!

Back to basics.

Round two has ended and I have about one to two hours of work left in my day. That means I'm probably staring at my screen blankly and trying my absolute hardest to stay awake. Or, it it's a good day, I'm decorating something or in a meeting! Those are the best days, guys. And I never thought I would say that.

Later gators!

Actual footage of me pulling out of the parking lot! I don't even care about the idiotic drivers. Okay, that's a lie. But, I care less about them. I may only mumble something under my breath about them cutting out in front of me instead of honking at them! It's a joyous occasion! I'm going home!

TV Time!

Now, I get to catch up on TV I wish I had been watching all day...but it doesn't last long...because in an hour or so I'll get a text message and...

Gym, Minus the Tan and Laundry

Now I'm at the gym. Against my will. This GIF represents both Wes and myself. I bet you'll never guess who is who.

Dinner, Supper, The Great Evening Feast

Finally, I'm back home and now I have to attempt to cook something yummy. It's only went poorly like twice so I think that's good! *Note I never have, nor will I ever, look like Snow White while cooking*

Singing in the Shower

I do shower people, don't worry. And I sing and dance and sometimes cry. It's all a great experience and I suggest everyone does it.


My favorite part of the day. I sleep like a baby kitten, all nestled up in my sheets. Probably by 9 or 10 o'clock. It's brilliant. It's lovely. Until I repeat all of these things the next day...

So there you have it. I'm just like you. Or maybe I'm not. What is your day like in a GIF?

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