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Confession: I've Seen the Movie, but Haven't Read the Book

Books are my thing. I love reading as much as my fiance loves playing video games.

Something he doesn't understand is why I freak out when we go see a movie that was previously a book I've already read.

Yes, I'm usually the person that is preaching about how books are completely messed up when they get turned into movies, with a few exceptions of course. But, for the most part, I'm the angry girl, sitting in the theater, fuming over the fact that the main character had a different hair color in the book. Fellow book lovers probably know what I'm talking about.

But, I have a confession to make: there are movies that I've seen, and maybe even enjoyed, that were books first. I have to automatically assume that I am one of those people who actually thought the Divergent movies were good because they hadn't read the books. (Also, sorry if you're one of them, my opinions are my own!)

So, I've decided to confess to my crimes in this blog post. Here are some awesome movies that I haven't read the books to...please save your shaming until the end!

1. The Lord of the Rings

I love The Lord of the Rings movies! I always have. But, I feel like a dirty liar when I say that because I haven't read the books. I know, I know. Please look away, cast me out. Now, I think the movies are quite swell, so I have to guess that the books are even better. I promise, I will read this trilogy. I will get back into your good graces!

2. The Hobbit

Since I'm already in that world, I might as well tell you that I haven't read The Hobbit either. But, I watched all three movies and loved them all! I cried, people! I am in this just as much as you are. I also promise I will read this and we can all be friends again.

3. Jurassic Park

Now, this one might sting a bit: I didn't even know this was a book. To make matters worse, I haven't even watched all of the original movies. I've barely even seen the first one. But, shamefully, I saw Jurassic World. I'm sorry, I'm a sucker for Chris Pratt. Eat your heart out world, Bethany is not as almighty as she may seem.

4. Game of Thrones

Not a movie, but it's as widely known. I'm sure a lot of people who watch the show haven't read the books, but shame on all of us. George R.R. Martin did not take all of these years to write these books for us all to watch the show and call it quits! He deserves better! Although, those books are really thick and I can barely handle the gore of the show...and who doesn't like a visual representation of Jon Snow?!

5. Outlander

While I'm on the show kick, I also haven't read the Outlander books. They even seem like something I would have read anyways! But, alas, they lay untouched at the library for others to check out. Maybe one day. No, I will read them! I promise...eventually. Is it really not okay for me to just watch Jamie and Claire?!

6. Midnight Sun

I just watched this a few days ago, bawled my eyes out, and did not even realize it was a book until I went into Barnes and Noble yesterday. I have failed the YA community. For that, I am sorry.

7. The Kissing Booth

I also did not know this was a book when I watched it on Netflix. This literally might have been the cutest and most awe-mazing movie I've ever watched and I feel terrible not giving the author credit for its mastery at first! Darn you Netflix!

8. Everything, Everything

I am seriously failing the YA community over here. I knew this was a book, and I watched the movie anyway. I even...enjoyed it despite some people saying it was different than the book. I'm sorry, I am now one of those people who just don't get it!

9. The Chronicles of Narnia

Okay, if we're being honest, I haven't even read this series. I'm terrible. This is like a rite of passage that I decided to skip for whatever reason! Like who did middle school me think I was?

10. A Series of Unfortunate Events

This one hurt a little, but before I get too far, please note that I did read most of these books! I read them in middle school, loved them...and then went on summer vacation and completely forgot about them. C'mon middle school Bethany, that's what the public library is for! Why did you give up! But, the Netflix show is really good guys!

There you have it. And I hate to say but this isn't even the whole list! I'm terrible! I'm not sure how I live with myself!

Maybe that's a little too far, but I do feel awful for watching movies when there are perfectly better books to be read!

Now that I've confessed, it's your turn. What movies have you watched that were books first...and you didn't read them? Tell me in the comments!


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