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Best Winter Themed Books To Get You in the Spirit!

I love watching Christmas movies. I look forward to their cheesy plots, their snowy settings, and don’t get me started on the music! Yes, I know the plots can be basically the same, but that’s the thing about Christmas: you’re supposed to feel all warm and gooey like a chocolate chip cookie. It’s okay if it’s all a little unrealistic or a little sentimental! That’s the point.

Sometimes those mushy movies aren’t enough. That’s where these winter books of joy come in! Here are some of the best Christmas and Winter themed books to get you in the spirit!

My True Love Gave to Me

By: Various Authors

This is like the Love, Actually of books. A bunch of sugary sweet books by some of your favorite authors, all wrapped into one. Read them all or find some to call your favorites. No matter what you choose, these short stories are sure to put you in the spirit!

The Afterlife of Holly Chase

By: Cynthia Hand

Who doesn’t like retellings? And what is the most popular retelling to tell at Christmastime? None other than A Christmas Carol! It’s a fun take on the classic we all know and either love or are tired of. Either way, take a break from the many movie versions and give Holly Chase a try!

What Light

By: Jay Asher

Christmas in California. Way different than Christmas in Oregon. From the author that brought us 13 Reasons Why, comes a YA contemporary romance that will melt your heart in all the right ways! If you’re a fan of cheesy teen romance, give this a try!

Kiss Me in New York

By: Catherine Rider

Stuck in an airport at Christmas is crappy. But being stuck in NYC, meeting a cute boy, and getting over your ex’s together is a recipe for holiday romance at its finest. It’s like Gayle Forman’s Just One Day, but with snow. And Christmas!

Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe

By: Melissa de la Cruz

From the amazing Melissa de la Cruz comes a retelling of Pride and Prejudice—she just added the mistletoe! Also, this is now a Hallmark movie so now you can read it and watch it come to life on the screen!


By: Melissa de la Cruz and Michael Johnston

Less Christmas-y, more cold and winter-y. This is a fun, magical new world that replaced the one we know. It’s also a series everyone should give a try. Warm up with daring adventure and some unexpected love. And danger.


By: Maggie Stiefvater

By summer a boy, by winter a wolf. Warm up with some werewolf love and find something to take that spot in your heart Jacob Black left behind.

Love on the Lifts

By: Rachel Hawthorne

A winter vacation worth melting for. Be transported to world of skiing, bookstores that double as hot chocolate store, and finding love right in front of you.

Get in the holiday spirit, or at least the snowy season, and enjoy these wintery picks! If you can take a break from your favorite movies, of course!

What book is your favorite winter read?

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