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My First Trip to Disney: Day 6

Once again, we're thrown back into my time at Disney World. You would think by now that I would be finished telling you all about my trip, but here we are, only on the Friday of that week long vacation. Nothing like a prolonged travel blog to really get you in the spirit.

I know I just have you on the edge of your seats, wondering what happened next.

I have some good news and some bad news for all of you readers out there. You see, on this Friday, Wes and I were meant to go to the Animal Kingdom. I was super pumped, super excited. I love elephants. I love animals. They have a big tree. What more could I possibly ask of Disney World?

The bad news is that on that Friday, things ended up turning out a lot like that Wednesday.

And, if you've been keeping up, that was the day that yours truly became best friends with the toilet in our hotel room and Wes became an expert at all things on HGTV. This time, the roles reversed and Wes got to meet our toilet in a fun and intimate way and I got to take care of him.

I felt bad for him, just like I know he felt bad for me on my sick day. But, that's just the thing about viruses, they tend to make their rounds and we should have known that he would be next on its list.

He thought he would be better by the time our first FastPass time came around (insert me rolling my eyes here), but I knew better. Guys being sick is often compared to the end of their life, and while he did better than I expected, he was still in no shape to go too far from out room.

Instead of regaling you with yet another tale about what we did on a sick day instead of go to Disney World, I think it's time I gave you some tips, suggestions, etc., etc.

1. Pay attention to those Disney calendars where people take the time to show you when the best times to go where are.

2. Unless you really like pineapple, probably don't go to the Dole food kiosk.

3. Download the Disney World app on your phone before going to the parks. It's handy, shows you where you are, and tells you how long of a wait you have on rides.

4. Be flexible. I wanted dinner at Be Our Guest, but instead I had breakfast there and I will tell you it was just as yummy and just as fun.

5. Be the kid you are at heart. If there's a place to do that, it's Disney. Wait in line to meet your favorite princess, buy the cute Minnie ears. You're there to have fun, don't be a stick in the mud.

6. Be in the moment, but make sure you take those pictures. You know, the ones with the Minnie ears, in front of the Tree of Life, in front of Cinderella's castle. But don't overload your phone with pictures you take every five seconds of how cute your kid is walking down the road.

7. Those little wristbands are the best thing ever. Your tickets are loaded onto them, our dining plan was loaded on them, your credit card is on it. They make things so handy and so easy. Use them!

8. Think about using the Dining Plan. I'm not sure money-wise if they save you money or not, but in our case I know we got our money's worth. It was easy and it allowed us to eat at some cool places that we wouldn't have paid for otherwise.

9. Don't kill yourself over this trip. Spread things out, drink water, have a pool day. It's a vacation!

10. Just because it's pouring down the rain one minute, doesn't mean it won't stop in five more minutes. Maybe you should wait it out a little longer. Also, bring your own rain poncho with you. Seriously.

11. Take the time to go to Disney Springs at least once. There are a ton of restaurants and shops and it's fun and cute. Lights twinkle in the trees guys!

12. If your hotel offers boat rides to (insert place here), take it! It's fun and different and there is a lot less traffic on the water than there is on the road.

I know, there aren't many tips and you've either heard them before or they aren't helpful, but hey, it was only my first trip. I may not be able to help you get cheaper rates or tell you how to ride every ride five times without waiting in line, but I think sharing experiences is helpful to everyone.

Stayed to tuned for my last day in Disney World, the infamous day 7.

Do I just go home?

Does everyone come down with the stomach virus, causing Disney to shut down?

One way to find out...

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