Recently Released: Little Thieves and All of Us Villains

Little Thieves by Margaret Owen All of Us Villains by Amanda Foody and Christine Lynn Herman

Released: October 19, 2021 Released: November 7, 2021


5/5 Stars

This was such a fun read!

I absolutely loved the voice of this book. The main character, Vanja, was a delight. She may be one of my favorite characters I've ever read. She was smart, witty, and her inner dialogue was fantastic. Her story, as well as her character arc and journey, were wonderfully written, and I loved watching her grow as the story went.

In fact, the entire cast of characters were to die for. Literally, I would die for Ragne. Everyone from Gisele to Emeric to Ragne holds a place in my heart now! They weren't just secondary characters, there to move the plot along. You got to see their stories as well, and watch them grow. It was a fantastic set of characters to read, and I love that they each held their place within the story and how they interacted with Vanja.

The world as a whole was so interesting. I loved learning about the different Low Gods, and would have really enjoyed seeing more of them. (Though, seeing a load of them at the end was still exciting!) I would gladly dive into more stories set in this world. *fingers crossed*

If you're looking for a fun fantasy read, with a witty and sarcastic main character, an enemies-to-lovers romance, packed with plenty of pain and growth--look no further!


5/5 Stars

Oh. My. Gosh.

All of Us Villains is your next favorite blood-bath tournament. Think The Hunger Games with magic, where the families of the town put forth a champion to bring high magic to their family until the next tournament cycle.

This world and its magic system was so unique and incredibly written, I couldn't put it down. I loved the idea of the stones they wore containing the spells, and I really enjoyed how many spells were actually included throughout the story. There were so many really cool ones, I couldn't wait to see what else the authors came up with. And the world--it was so dark! It made for the perfect fall, spookytime read.

The characters were by far my favorite part of the book, and I loved how many POVs we got! I immediately knew Alistair was going to be my favorite, and boy did he not disappoint. It was so great seeing all of the different perspectives of the characters, and though they all thought they were so alone, they don't know just how similar they are. Tortured souls and all.

They aren't kidding around with the "All of Us Villains" title, no matter how much you may want to think otherwise by the end of this novel.

Sign me up for book two! I can't wait to get my hands on it already!

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