Book Review: The Life and Medieval Times of Kit Sweetly

The Life and Medieval Times of Kit Sweetly by Jamie Pacton

Releases: May 5, 2020

This was such a fun read and I loved every second of it!

This book has it all: friendship, feminism, fandom, and fun! It was inclusive, it was real, and what more could you ask for?

What's it about? Kit Sweetly (and her brother, uncle, and well most of their friends) works at The Castle, a medieval times dinner show full of knights jousting and all the turkey legs money can buy. Kit may be a lowly serving wench, but she dreams of being a knight in the show like her older brother. One evening, after her brother gets into a fight, she gets her wish. Taking his place in the show (undercover, of course, since females aren't allowed to be knights) is a dream come true--she nails the routine and no one's the wiser. That is, until she takes off her helmet and declares herself the Girl Knight. Thanks to her now-viral video, and as much feminist energy as one can muster, Kit and her friends set out to change things at The Castle and begin their fight to allow anyone to fight in the arena, regardless of gender.

I've been on a fantasy kick, as I usually am, and really needed a break from it. Pacton created a world and characters perfect for escaping into (and from the fantasy worlds lining my bookshelf).

I enjoyed reading about Kit and seeing her world come to life, and now I have the biggest urge to go to the Medieval Times dinner show! Sprinkled in with some real life medieval knowledge, I was immediately drawn to Kit and her friends, and as I continued to read I just kept feeling more connected. Kit goes through real problems (and no, I’m not talking about wanting to become a knight, although I am great with a NERF sword) that are relatable for so many. I love being able to connect to the characters and Kit is such an easily-accessible protagonist. From coming from a family that's barely scraping by, to getting accepted into colleges without the aid you need, and to wanting to date the guy of your dreams but afraid to mess up the friendship, there's something anyone can relate to when it comes to Kit.

That being said, there were some aspects that I think could have been sewn in better. The whole friends-to-lovers theme between Jett and Kit (although I love love) didn’t work for me in the end. I'm not sure why, because the situation is relatable, but for me, when it finally happened it was all just done too quickly and then boom the book was over.

Also, Kit was kind of a crappy friend and yet she has more friends than me. She lies to her friends for pretty much the entire book and after two days, everyone forgives her? I mean, come on, they would have lost their jobs had they not found out and Kit was just going along with it. Granted, we all make mistakes, so perhaps this is just me acting as the observer I am because I didn't do it myself.

Lastly, there were Game of Thrones spoilers! I mean, I’ve already seen it, and so has anyone who was on social media when the final season came out, but still. As a writer, I've always been told to keep the modern day fandoms to a minimum because years from now people may not know what the heck we were talking about. (But, I admit, I really enjoyed all the talk of different fandoms I love, it just made my nerd heart feel closer to the characters).

Overall, this was a great book to escape into and I can’t wait for more by the author!

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