Book Review: The Dragon and the Queen

The Dragon and the Queen by Kaitlyn Davis

Releases: June 21, 2021

"Prophecies unravel. War arrives. And passions burn, threatening to set the world aflame."

What a heart-pounding third installment in this magical series.

First of all, these covers never disappoint.

Second, this series just gets more and more intense with each book, and I couldn't read it fast enough! These characters are so well written, their arcs so intwined, that it makes each installment better than the last.

Before we get in too deep, catch up with my reviews of book one and book two!

The Dragon and the Queen picks up where left our favorite Avians. Rafe is now half-man, half dragon (the raven still somewhere inside of him) and trying to come to terms with his new body and life. Meanwhile, Lyana is back in the world above, trying to save her people before the other houses fall just as the House of Whispers did. Xander has her back, but how can they get the Avians to trust them when they've spent their entire lives fearful of the very magic that can save them all. Cassi is still stuck outside her body, an invisible phantom among her friends. Somehow, they must all work together to save the land above and below, before the powerful beings emerging from the eggs destroy their world altogether.

This books takes you on a wild ride you'll be hanging onto for dear life. And the final pages won't save you. The Dragon and the Queen gives you nonstop action and excitement, sprinkled in with love and yearning, and more than a little magic.

I love that this book has the POVs of all of the main characters. Getting to see everything from multiple mindsets makes being the reader all the more fun, not to mention a plethora of other emotions. It also helps to give the characters more dimension, because you see how other characters perceive them from their actions, but you also get to read the intent behind them. Even the most frustrating characters find their way into your heart.

To my immense enjoyment, there was a new POV in this story that gives readers a look into the world before it split into two. I loved these parts of the book. Even though it broke up the story I was dying to get to the end of, it really helped to set the scenes for what was to come. I loved the glimpse it gave into the past and how everything came to be.

As always, I'm a sucker for love, and Rafe and Lyana's story just keeps giving. While their relationship and their dynamic seems to constantly change, their love for each other and the need to protect one another doesn't. Whether by fate or prophecy, these two love bird (excuse the pun) make your heart soar.

Xander and Cassi's story is just as heart wrenching and I am here for it. And them. Finding the balance between love, hate, and redemption, I spent the whole book rooting for them despite the things Cassi did (or almost did). While I'm not sure how a happily ever after could possibly be in store for all of them, I have my fingers crossed.

This is me, eagerly awaiting the next installment!

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