Book Review: Sixteen Scandals

Sixteen Scandals by Sophie Jordan

Releases: May 25, 2021

'Cinderella' meets Pride and Prejudice, and the result is a delight."


This was such a cute, light hearted YA regency-era romance. I would compare it to a very tame, YA Bridgerton-esque story that brings you all the feels (even if it's a bit predictable--not that I minded)!

Bring on the humor, regency, and butterflies as you read this delightful book about Primrose Ainsworth who is taking her sixteenth birthday seriously--even if her family isn't.

Sixteen Scandals follows Prim who, after her family decides to neglect her sixteenth birthday and not allow her to come out in society, takes it upon herself to give her a birthday she'll remember. Prim, along with her best friend, venture to the famed Vauxhall known for its extravagance and entertainment. But early in their adventure, the two friends are separated. Luckily for Prim, a handsome young stranger she had briefly encountered earlier that very day comes to her rescue. Together, the two embark on a journey throughout Vauxhall in search of their friends (and maybe a little spectacle along the way). Will she make it through the evening with her reputation unscathed, or will she be found out before the sun rises on her adventures?

Romance and adventure abound in this delightful romp through the regency era!

Prim is a likable, if not slightly naive, protagonist and I really enjoyed watching her adventure unfold, as well as see her grow along the way. She is a very strong character and isn't afraid of anything. I liked how refreshing she is, and how feministic she is, especially for her time.

Her family, however, is dreadful! Though, I think if we had gotten more time with her sisters, I may have liked them. It was very Pride and Prejudice-esque with the many sisters, the mother who wants to marry them off, and the father who is just kind of there. I would have liked to see more of the family and their dynamic!

We find our love interest in a young gentleman named Jacob and, though I had my doubts about him, by the end of the book he had me swooning. While the romance may have been a little predictable, I still enjoyed it. I think you'll get out of it want you want, and I think if you let yourself enjoy it for the fun book it is, it will be a quick favorite.

If you're a fan of the 80s classic Sixteen Candles, the regency hit Bridgerton, and the YA Austen-inspired book A Dangerous Alliance, then this is definitely the book for you! If you're looking for a light, YA regency romance, look no further!

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