Book Review: Six Crimson Cranes

Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim

Releases: July 6, 2021

"Elizabeth Lim weaves a charmer of a fairytale with her imaginative storytelling. A resilient heroine, a cast of imaginative characters, and creative plot turns make this gem of a novel sparkle."

--Stacey Lee, award-winning author of The Downstairs Girl

Elizabeth Lim never disappoints.

I fell in love with her writing after reading Spin the Dawn, and I'm so glad she's back and drawing on more Asian-inspired myths and lore.

Six Crimson Cranes is the perfect read! Set in the same world as her Spin the Dawn series, the story follows a princess named Shiori who lives in a kingdom where magic is forbidden. She loves the life she leads with her six older brothers, even if that means she has to hide her own magic. But on the day she is to be wed to a boy she's never met, instead she finds herself face to face with a dragon. This sets forth a series of events that ends with Shiori cursed with a bowl on her head that suppresses her magic and her six brothers turned into cranes. And if she utters one word, it will mean the end for one of her brothers. Separated across her own kingdom and forced into silence, Shiori must reunite with her brothers and break the curse. With plenty of magic, fairytales, and secrets along the way, Six Crimson Cranes is an adventure you won't want to miss out on.

I absolutely love the tales Lim draws upon. Her world is so vivid and real, I feel like I could step into its pages. Shiori's tale is gripping and exciting, and I couldn't put the book down. The kingdom of Kiata is so rich and Lim proves her writing prowess with each and every page.

Fairytales, dragons, magic, friendship, family, secrets, love--Six Crimson Cranes has it all.

I loved Shiori and thought she was such a great protagonist. It was amazing watching her grow throughout the book, and all without truly speaking. She became strong and formidable in her own way, and her development was my favorite.

The focus on family was one that I adored. The family bond that the seven siblings share is so powerful, and I loved their dynamic. I would eagerly grab on to any story that gave me a larger insight into the brothers! I think they shone brightly in the parts of the story we got to see them, and I would love to see more.

As always, we love a good love story. And my little heart melts every time I think of Takkan. We love him and only want the best for him which is Shiori and just wow.

But there's also Seryu--and I definitely don't think we've seen the last of him or his jealousy over Shiori's closeness with Takkan. A love triangle, perhaps? Can dragons be in a love triangle? I hope we find out!

The book will surprise you again and again, and by the time I reached its end I was eager for more. The twists and turns are ones I promise you won't see coming. I can't wait until Book Two!

If you've read Spin the Dawn, then this is absolutely a must read. And, if you haven't read it--well, pick them both because you will not regret it. Although set in the same world, the two series definitely stand apart on their own and can be read without reading the other. But, please, do yourself a favor and read them both!

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