Book Review: Nameless Queen

Nameless Queen by Rebecca McLaughlin

Releases: January 7, 2020

Not exactly your typical YA Fantasy, and I have to say I appreciated that about it.

Nameless Queen is the story of a Nameless girl, Coin, in the city of Seriden who becomes its heir overnight. The Nameless aren't meant to be anything other than the street urchins they are, but that all changes when Coin is named heir. With only a few weeks before the Assassin's Festival--a day when Coin's new magic is at its peak, but anyone can murder her and take the crown--Coin must help a kingdom stuck in its ways and bent on destroying itself. Secrets are revealed that will either help or hinder her quest. With magic, mischief, cons, and true friendship, this story is truly a sight to behold.

I enjoyed the characters and how they were each uniquely them. I loved the wittiness of Coin, the stubbornness of Esther, the friendship of Hat, and the solidness of Glenbeard. The cast of characters is what made this book stand out to me, and slightly reminded me of the ensemble cast of Throne of Glass. Their dynamic is what makes this such a fantastic read.

The trope of the"found princess" and things similar are very widely used across the YA world, but McLaughlin does a good job of making it her own. I also really enjoyed the magic system within the book and thought it was interesting how it was built into the world. It definitely isn't something I've seen before, which is hard to do! I'm interested in how it will come into play if there is a second book, especially after that ending!

Found family is also a strong trope within the story and I thought it was beautifully done. I think it is a trope that is gaining traction in the YA world, and I was happy to see it done in this story.

Although there were spots where I believe things happened rather quickly or didn't completely make sense, as far as a debut fantasy goes, this one definitely hits the mark.

I truly can't wait for what McLaughlin creates next, especially if it's a continuation of this world!

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