Book Review: Enchantée

Enchantée by Gita Trelease

Released: February 5, 2019

Mesdames et Messieurs, allow me to introduce to you this marvelous debut. Enchantée is an enchanting adventure through 1789 France. Follow the story of Camille Durbonne as she struggles to keep herself and hers sister alive and well in a changing Paris. It could just be me, but I definitely, and probably incorrectly, pronounced everything in my head with a French accent. I even started using french terms of endearment to my fiancé, much to his annoyance. That's the kind of effect this book will have on you!

First, a brief synopsis of this wonderful tale: In Paris in 1789, Camille, an orphan along with her two siblings, tries to keep her family fed and a roof over their head. But, with a drunkard for a brother and sickly younger sister, Camille must do it all on her own, with a little help from la magie. After her brother steals the money Camille had saved up, she takes it upon herself to get their money back--and more. Using a darker magic, Camille transforms herself into a glittering aristocrat and heads to Versailles to gamble back their funds. But, there are secrets at Versailles, ones threatening to tear her world apart, not to mention the rebellion brewing among the poor French people. Stuck between her new life at court and her family, Camille must find a way to save herself. With the help of a balloonist in Paris, Camille finds that hope, love, and liberty may not just be a thing of dreams.

It was fun to read and see historical figures appear on the page as Camille worked her magic. Be prepared for Marie Antoinette and, for fans of Hamilton, Marquis de Lafayette. Be swept away in a hot air balloon as Camille finds love, and hope, for the first time in a long time. I lost myself within the streets of Paris and the halls of Versailles. The characters, even the aristocrats, were so lovable (and despicable) that I couldn't help but root for them and their riches as well. Trelease perfectly captures the pre-revolutionary Paris and brings to life so many wonderful places. Beautifully written with characters you root for, my heart loved every minute of Camille's adventure. And don't get me started on Lazare, the balloonist!

Seriously, Lazare made my heart swoon. He will casually walk right into your long ling of bookish boyfriends and stay there forever, I swear.

And guys, there's a duel.

Who doesn't love a good duel?

The magic system is so unique in this book. With levels of magic all driven by the users sorrow, it was a well-developed breath of fresh air. In order to conjure up any kind of magie, magicians have to conjure up enough sorrow to drive it. And, as we all know, magic has its price. Good and bad magicians roam the halls of Versailles, and it's a glittering ride to find out what comes next, all the way to the very last chapter.

This debut from Gita Trelease is a must read for lovers of historical fiction/fantasy.

And, according to Goodreads, this adventure was imagined as a standalone, but the author is working on a sequel that follows the characters through the French Revolution!

Buy now, read immediately!

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