Book Review: The Princess and the Fangirl

The Princess and the Fangirl by Ashley Poston

Releases: April 2, 2019

Normally, I stick to reading fantasy. There are few authors I love that write contemporary or other genres, but for the main part I stick to my fantastical worlds of magic and faraway kingdoms.

I am so glad I took a step away from that (I'm on the verge of a fantasy burnout thanks to the Throne of Glass series). This book was the book I didn't know I needed, but I'm so glad I was able to read this ARC, courtesty of the the publishers and NetGalley!

The Princess and the Fangirl is the cuddly fandom contemporary you want and need! From the moment I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. Imogen and Jess were two great leads in this fan-tastic show.

(And before you get sketched out by the possibility of a romance between two girls that look similarly, they have other love interests.) Here is a brief synopsis: At ExcelsiCon, Imogen, lifetime con attendee and spearhead behind the #SaveAmara movement, gets mistaken for the actress who just happens to play her favorite fictional character in need of saving in the newest reboot of Starfield. But Jessica Stone, the real Princess Amara does not want to be saved. When the script to Starfield's sequel is leaked at the con, the two look-a-likes switch places to figure out who's behind the leak--and who's trying to pin it all on Jess.

The novel is basically one big adventure, alternating between the POVs of Jess and Imogen. Jess has to attempt to hold Imogen's image up in front of her brother and his boyfriend, not to mention Imogen's best-internet-friend, Harper, whom she's sharing a booth with during the Con. Meanwhile, Imogen has to attempt to not ruin Jessica Stone's career during panels and meet-and-greets, all while under the watchful eye of Jessica's best friend and PA, Ethan. It's funny, heartfelt, and full of all the nerdy stuff you know you secretly love. Although this book takes place in the same realm as Poston's previous novel, Geekerella, readers don't have to be familiar with it in order to completely love this one! If you have read Geekerella, some of your favorite characters pop up, and there are some things that you'll pick up that readers who haven't read Geekerella won't. But, if you haven't read Geekerella, never fear! You will still love this book as a standalone! Geeks and nerds will love references to their favorite fandoms, as well as some made-up ones, and your fangirl heart is sure to melt multiple times. The voices of the characters were perfect and they felt so real. Poston does an amazing job of encompassing a teen voice and everything they worry about. So many of the topics brought up are so important and it's great that Poston did this in a way that the readers will appreciate. From sexual harassment, to same-sex relationships, and just full on believing in yourself, this book tackles it all perfectly. Definitely pick this one up on April 2nd!

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