Book Review: The Devouring Gray

The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman

Releases: April 2, 2019

Where do I even begin? I devoured The Devouring Gray in about a week. I couldn't put it down. I was invested in the characters from the moment they appeared. The story took me to places I never expected. I can't gush about it enough.

Here's a quick synopsis: In the town of Four Paths, New York, things are not exactly what they seem. When Violet Saunders moves to her mother's childhood home, her ancestor's secrets unravel: she comes from a line of powerful people who have always been dedicated to protecting the town from what the monster in the woods. Many years ago, the four founders trapped a Beast in the Gray--a place that exists in Four Paths, but outside of it somehow. Joining forces with some fellow founder descendants, the teens must learn the truth about their ancestors and the Beast inside.

It was like the founders of Hogwarts and the Vampire Diaries came together in a town with creepy woods full of evil! The writing was phenomenal: the author takes you into her arms and, when you eventually come out on the other side, she sets you down on a nice meadow of grass called the Sequel Possibility.

What's great and different about The Devouring Gray, is that the magic isn't thrown at you. They aren't witches, there are no fairies, but yet they're power exists and their town knows it. In fact, the town worships them for their powers and protection, unlike most books where magic is kept secret so the townsfolk don't grab their pitchforks and torches.

Each founding family of Four Paths--the Saunders, the Hawthornes, the Sullivans, and the Carlisle's--is powerful in their own way, whether it be with the mind, with the dead, with energy, or with creating. This take on powers, magic if you will, is a lot different than most of the powers you see characters have in YA. It's refreshing, to say the least.

The characters are strong and weak in their own ways and the Gray isn't the One thing that matters the entire book. Although, it is the epicenter of the town, the characters interact with it differently and it sets them apart. The representation in the book is great, and something you don't really read a lot about in YA but is now starting to catch hold where it should have been all along.

10/10 would recommend reading The Devouring Gray!

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